US Hip-Hop Mixtapes Octobre 2010

Petit récapitulatif des mixtapes sorties le mois dernier:

DJ Green Lantern & Sheek Louch – Donnie Def Jam: Guerilla Warfare V.1 (Mixtape)


Joell Ortiz – The Ortiz Manifesto (Mixtape)


CyHi Da Prynce – Royal Flush (Mixtape)

01. Ring Bells
02. Never Again
03. Sideways
04. A Bunch Of Rounds
05. Fast Lane
06. Hear Me Out
07. Can’t Find Love
08. Record Us
09. Switching Positions
10. Living Wonderful
11. Can’t Wait
12. Like A Swinger
13. So Original
14. Hero
15. Chance To Explain
16. Top Of The World Bound
17. So Appalled


Dice Raw – Crown On The Ground (Mixtape)

01. What About Dice
02. Dice Ahmir (Demo)
03. Get Busy Jr (Demo)
04.The Recipe
05. Crown on The Ground (rmx)
06. No Doubt About It #PhillyShit
07.Dig Deeper
08.The Day Demo
09. My Way
10. Life Fame Death
11. Radio Daze (Demo)
12. All Alone feat. Lanesha Randolf
13. Outa Control feat. Nouveau Riche
14. Unstoppable


Ill Bill & Steven King – Fathers Of Violence (Mixtape)

01. Introduction
02. Young Gully feat. Whatzisface (prod. Harry Fraud, cuts by Statik Selektah)
03. M16 (prod. Ill Bill)
04. I Attack (prod. Ill Bill)
05. Muzzle the Nose (prod. Harry Fraud)
06. Brooklyn Cats
07. Howie Made Me Do It feat. Cyn Roc & E. Dot
08. The Drug Dealer
09. In Da Hood feat. Cyn Roc
10. Straight Illin’ feat. Skam2
11. Ya’ll Wont See Me feat. Cyn Roc & Q-Unique
12. Gangster Rap (Remix) (prod. ATG)
13. Fathers Of Violence (prod. ATG)


Slaine (of La Coka Nostra) – The Devil Never Dies (Mixtape)

01. The Religion (prod. Silvamore)
02. My Girl, My Wife, My Mother, My Bitch (prod. LuBalz)
03. The Deadzone (prod. Stoupe, cuts by Reel Drama)
04. Black and Blue Flag feat. Jaysaun (prod. Silvamore)
05. Thru The Rain feat. Blacastan (prod. Silvamore)
06. Off The Sidewalk feat. Cyrus Deshield (prod. Falside)
07. Going Down feat. Jaysaun (prod. Silvamore)
08. The Worst (prod. Statik Selektah)
09. Old English II feat. Esoteric (prod. Esoteric)
10. Burn feat. Amadeus & Chilla Jones (prod. Sicknature)
11. Envy feat. Termanology (prod. Moss)
12. It Ain’t Happenin feat. Amadeus & Blacastan (prod. Falside)
13. It’s Too Late feat. Amadeus (prod. Double Chamberz)
14. Science Of the Trife feat. Ill Bill & Q-Unique (prod. C. Lance)
15. Settin’ It Off feat. Reks, Jaysaun & Steven King (prod. Statik Selektah)
16. Trail Of Blood (prod. Statik Selektah)
17. Outro
18. Mind Of A Criminal (Remix) (prod. LuBalz)


Young De – DE Is For Demrick (Mixtape)


Young Buck – Back On My Buck Shit v.2: Change Of Plans (Mixtape)


Outlawz – Killuminati 2k10 (Mixtape)

01. Fear Factor Intro
02. From The Bottom
03. Dream Big
04. Kush Dreams feat. Freeway
05. It Ain’t Over
06. Most Of My Life
07. I Can’t Complain
08. Killuminati 2K10
09. Cooley High
10. Never See Tommoro
11. They Wanna Know
12. Reach For The Sky
13. Do It Right
14. Great Grandaddy Kush
15. Seen It All
16. She Fresh
17. Fillmoe Slim
18. Facedown
19. Feel Good For Ya
20. Count My Blessings
21. Gotta Get It
22. Immortals


Vado – Slime Flu (Mixtape)

01. Council Music
02. Polo
03. The Greatest
04. Beat Knockin’ (Produced by Jahlil Beats)
05. Celebration
06. Wake Up
07. Rugby Down
08. The UN
09. Bullets & Gun Smoke feat. Meek Mill (Produced by Jahlil Beats)
10. Crimesquare feat. McGruff
11. Snapped
12. Filthy Game feat. Jae Millz
13. Shooter feat. Cam’Ron
14. Speaking In Tungs feat. Cam’Ron


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